I have 3 offerings for the LGBTQ community in Leicester in the first 3 months of 2018…a trio of workshops aimed at increasing the intimacy, touch and connection in your life and discovering new ways of being.

Part 1, In January, is Conscious Touch and Embodied Consent, based on my previous workshop Conscious Touch for the Terrified. Explore the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in your body and practice asking for, and getting, the touch you want.

Part 2, in February, is Body Massage for Pairs – bring along a partner, lover or friend and practice and explore massage strokes and intentions ranging from friendly and de-stressing to tantric style and erotic energy raising.

Part 3, in March, is The Cuddle Space, a chance for non-sexual intimacy and touch in a safe space, based on a foundation of consent practice of course.

I am so excited to be inviting my respected peers and friends from Birmingham, London and Manchester to join me to facilitate these special events for Leicester. We are busy putting everything in place for you to have a wonderful and enriching experience.
You are encouraged to attend all three workshops, which means by the end of March you will have clocked up *10 hours* of Queer Intimacy practice (for a bargain price). That’s a great way to start 2018 and who knows where it will lead you?! It’s not compulsory though and you are welcome to attend just the ones that catch your imagination or that you feel ready for.

Please click here to see the Facebook Events and share to your hearts content.

Queer Intimacy workshops in 2018 – The Quintimacy Series

The full details of prices (sliding scale and save when you book and pay for all 3 workshops) keep an eye on the Facebook page in the next week. But please let me know you are interested!

If these events are successful, I hope to run them throughout the year, and Manchester, watch this space! We are bringing The Quintimacy Series (packed into a day and an evening) to the Manchester trans community later this year.

If you have any queries or questions or want to tell me how much you are looking forward to the workshops, or how terrified you are, please contact me on bodycurious.midlands@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading,
Body Curious


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