The Quintimacy Series, a trio of Queer Intimacy workshops for the LGBTQ community is on tour! In collaboration with Steve-Jasmine Tomkinson, a Manchester based counsellor, we take the 3 workshops to Levenshulme, Manchester on Sat 12th May 2018. Yes, all 3 workshops in one wonderful day! In the morning, we will dip our toes into Conscious Touch and Embodied Consent, where we will feel the Yes and the No in our bodies and practice giving and receiving conscious touch. After lunch, there will be the opportunity to practice Body Massage for Pairs, learning different massage strokes and practicing them on your partner, friend or brand new friend you just met! After dinner (we hope people can go out and eat at a local place), there will be a Cuddle Space, an invitation to non-sexual intimacy and touch gradually building from embodied exercises into optional group intimacy.

I have produced detailed FAQ’s for each of these Quintimacy Series workshops, but here I will pick out the most common for each;

Q: I am very nervous around intimacy and touch, is this Quintimacy Series workshop for me?

A: This workshop followed on from my Leicester workshop ‘Conscious Touch for the Terrified’, so is very gentle and suitable for beginners to this kind of thing. It is well thought out, with clear ground-rules and is held by 2-3 experienced facilitators and assistants. You are encouraged to honour your boundaries at all times, and sitting out and not participating in an exercise is welcome. If you have any specific questions about your own worries, trauma or emotional wellbeing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss this confidentially.

Q: Will I have to take my clothes off? I wear a binder.

A: No, this is a very flexible massage workshop. Although the massage strokes demonstrated are on bare skin using oil, there is the option to massage smaller areas of the body, such as arms, feet, the lower back, shoulders etc. You can also use cornflour if you don’t want oil on your skin or clothes. Some people have found that once it gets to the massage workshop, they feel more comfortable than they expected to and could cover themselves enough with sarong/towel to feel comfortable in the group and both give and receive some massage.

Q: I am in a monogamous relationship. Do we have to cuddle other people or can we cuddle on our own?

A: In all good cuddle parties and events, no one should ever HAVE to cuddle anyone. You should always be in complete choice and control and all physical contact is optional. For this Cuddle Space, you are welcome to come along and only intend to cuddle with each other in a community space. This is definitely valid and beautiful! I just ask that you discuss your boundaries and limits with your partner before the event.

It is lovely to have a space with different people of different experience levels, so this workshop is perfect for anyone LGBTQ whether you are a beginner or you have explored conscious touch and sexuality before and fancy doing some more, in a specially held safe, queer space. My hope is that throughout the day we build a little more connection and community!

For more information about Quintimacy Manchester, please see the Body Curious Facebook page, or email me on Or view our Workshops and Packages Page. If you are interested in The Quintimacy Series coming to your area, and could possible assist with hosting, do let me know.

Thanks for reading,
Body Curious

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