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Words for Junk (for Sex Educators!) What do you call yours?

Something is on my mind. Genitals! (and the language we use for them). The UK Sexological Bodywork training is working hard to improve their language and inclusivity around many intersecting identities. A central one is gender diversity; the subjects of bodies, arousal, sexual attraction and anatomy are so heavily gendered. Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork should be embracing to

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Three good things in a bed? A coaching session on the topic of threesomes

I feel I have arrived! Everyone’s definition of personal success is individual to them and I imagine not many people would define it as getting paid to coach someone in how to negotiate a threesome! That is what happened tonight. A regular online coaching client got in touch to ask if I could have a conversation with him about his

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10 steps I take to create a ‘safer’ workshop experience

People talk to me after workshops, or they fill in feedback forms. One thing they often say is ‘I’ve been to things like this before, and they didn’t feel safe, but this did!’ I have had a think about the ingredients that make a safe(r) space for people to explore touch, intimacy, boundaries and consent. See my 10 steps below.

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