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5 of my biggest take-aways from Betty Martin ‘Like a Pro’ training

I recently spent 5 days training in the amazing Betty Martin Wheel of Consent. Betty is a fantastic Sexuality and Intimacy Coach who has developed this great wheel. For more information, you can visit for lots of generously provided, free resources. Here is a quick thought for each day of the training and details of a short group I

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Holding embodied consent workshops for the next generation

The past 3 weeks, I have met 225 young people aged 16-17 to deliver a total of 9 1-hour Embodied Consent workshops. The ‘Embodied’ bit means we aren’t sitting in front of a PowerPoint presentation, and we aren’t watching the ‘Consent=Cup of Tea’ video on YouTube. Yes, I got them walking around the space, making eye contact with their peers,

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Why I went to Brighton Trans Pride with my Sex hat on?

5000 people are estimated to have attended Trans Pride march and gathering in Brighton last Saturday. I was one of them. The protest call of the day was: Trans Rights are Human Rights. Non-binary is valid. Trans men are men. Trans women are women. I was on the march, shouting this with everyone else. I also handed out 200 flyers

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The Quintimacy Series on Tour! Manchester in May!

The Quintimacy Series, a trio of Queer Intimacy workshops for the LGBTQ community is on tour! In collaboration with Steve-Jasmine Tomkinson, a Manchester based counsellor, we take the 3 workshops to Levenshulme, Manchester on Sat 12th May 2018. Yes, all 3 workshops in one wonderful day! In the morning, we will dip our toes into Conscious Touch and Embodied Consent,

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Sex Education and coaching services for ALL women

Sexological Bodywork is not just for International Women’s Day! All year-round Sex Education and coaching services for ALL women. Sex Education and coaching services for ALL women. It is International women’s day on March 8th 2018. I have been struggling to find any reference to the organisation’s definition of a woman so I will create my own for the purpose

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Somatic Sex Coaches talk Body love and acceptance!

I attended a workshop on Sunday called Body Beloved by Sarah Rose-Bright*, a fantastic Sex Coach and sex educator. It was for people who identify as women, about being present in and loving and accepting our bodies (yes, very ambitious!). I last attended this workshop two years ago and it was called BodyLove then. I repeated the workshop because I

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Why am I holding a Body Massage for Pairs workshop?

Part 1 of The Quintimacy Series (Conscious Touch and Embodied Consent) was a truly wonderful experience and a pleasure to facilitate. I witnessed a group of 8 participants go from extremely shy, nervous and anxious to even talk to each other, to a wonderful, if tentative, sharing of giving and receiving of touch with each other, the room a calm,

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A trio of Queer Intimacy workshops for the LGBTQ community in Leicester and beyond. 18+ and Interested? See our flyer below.

The Quintimacy Series – Queer Intimacy workshops in 2018!

I have 3 offerings for the LGBTQ community in Leicester in the first 3 months of 2018…a trio of workshops aimed at increasing the intimacy, touch and connection in your life and discovering new ways of being. Part 1, In January, is Conscious Touch and Embodied Consent, based on my previous workshop Conscious Touch for the Terrified. Explore the ‘yes’

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ScarWork – a new body-based healing adventure!

A month ago I attended a 4 day course on Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork ® ( My reasoning for attending this course was to deepen the brief training we had on the Sexological Bodywork course in Scar Remediation. My particular focus is to be able to offer ScarWork to any client who would benefit. In particular I am thinking about trans

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