Monthly Archives: March 2018

11 ways Sexological Bodywork is useful for trans people!

  Few people in the general population have heard of Sexological Bodywork. It is likely that more are familiar with the related practices of Tantra, Erotic Massage or conscious kink. The modality is exciting and pioneering and becoming increasingly recognised around the world. I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB), and I also work with trans young people, am involved

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The Quintimacy Series on Tour! Manchester in May!

The Quintimacy Series, a trio of Queer Intimacy workshops for the LGBTQ community is on tour! In collaboration with Steve-Jasmine Tomkinson, a Manchester based counsellor, we take the 3 workshops to Levenshulme, Manchester on Sat 12th May 2018. Yes, all 3 workshops in one wonderful day! In the morning, we will dip our toes into Conscious Touch and Embodied Consent,

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The forest speaks and the Sexological Bodyworker listens

Why is a Sexological Bodyworker blogging about Bruce Parry’s film Tawai; the Voice from the Forest? ‘Tawai: A voice from the Forest’ is a documentary film about people living lives very different from our own, the Penan tribe in Borneo. It is about how we are destroying our planet and making ourselves ill and unhappy, and destroying these last remaining

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