Monthly Archives: December 2017

Using ScarWork® for scars caused by self-harm

Content note: self-harm and picture of well healed scars. People who self-harm face a high degree of stigma, judgement and discrimination in our society. When someone does something that injures themselves, often the pain and distress is compounded by harsh and shaming treatment by hospital staff, psychiatric systems and sometimes by family and friends. What I am interested in is

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The Quintimacy Series – Queer Intimacy workshops in 2018!

I have 3 offerings for the LGBTQ community in Leicester in the first 3 months of 2018…a trio of workshops aimed at increasing the intimacy, touch and connection in your life and discovering new ways of being. Part 1, In January, is Conscious Touch and Embodied Consent, based on my previous workshop Conscious Touch for the Terrified. Explore the ‘yes’

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ScarWork – a new body-based healing adventure!

A month ago I attended a 4 day course on Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork ® ( My reasoning for attending this course was to deepen the brief training we had on the Sexological Bodywork course in Scar Remediation. My particular focus is to be able to offer ScarWork to any client who would benefit. In particular I am thinking about trans

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